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SRAM Maven Ultimate Stealth 4 Piston Disc Brake
SRAM Maven Ultimate Stealth 4 Piston Disc Brake (2)
SRAM Maven Ultimate Stealth 4 Piston Disc Brake - Front
SRAM Maven Ultimate Stealth 4 Piston Disc Brake - Rear

SRAM Maven Ultimate Stealth 4 Piston Disc Brake

Maven is the absolute most powerful brake SRAM have ever made. Usable power for efficiency and tunability. Extreme power for elevated speed and control on ever-more demanding terrain. Maven gives you the power to progress. The boundless power of confidence. The power of more endurance and less fatigue, letting you leverage subtlety and consistency to open the aperture of your abilities.

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SRAM Maven Ultimate Stealth 4 Piston Disc Brake

Maven Ultimate pairs a sleek high polish lever body to a caliper with machined edges and titanium hardware for a finish worthy of any modern super bike. And for unrivaled ease of customisation, features tool-free Reach and Contact Point Adjust. Maven is the expert, but Maven Ultimate is the pinnacle.

  • 18 and 19.5-millimeter pistons for best-in-class power
  • SwingLink for signature SRAM lever feel
  • Stiff 4-piston caliper with best heat management and easier bolt access
  • Organic pads come standard for the best modulation and the quietest ride
  • Stealth lever architecture for a sleeker, more modern ride
  • Mineral oil for low maintenance and performance
  • Designed for use with Maxima Mineral Brake Oil only
  • Ultimate worthy polished lever body and titanium hardware
  • Contact Point Adjust and tool-free Reach Adjust

Maven produces nearly 50% more power than one of the most capable brakes ever, SRAM Code. While it’s tempting to focus on this fact alone, Maven is about more than brute force.

More important than overall power is usable power. With Maven, it takes 32% lighter force at the lever to generate the same amount of power as Code, reducing fatigue and boosting control for rowdy DH terrain, relentless e-mtb laps, and long enduro stages. Ride harder, and longer, Maven delivers the best of both worlds.

With four caliper pistons measuring 19.5mm and 18mm, there’s no way around it: Maven caliper pistons are simply huge, providing more force against the pads for more friction with less effort.

Huge caliper pistons mean nothing unless the ratio of piston size in the lever is designed to work with them. Power is determined by the relationship between these piston sizes, and Maven delivers a superior optimisation of this ratio.

Reach for a Maven lever, and you’ll find a familiar feel. Pivot point placement, blade length and shape, as well as reach and contact point adjustments carry over from Code, maintaining tried-and-true lever ergonomics. Brake hoses are managed by a new stealth architecture that is optimised for a clean cockpit, while meshing well with today’s frame routing options.

Optimised for Maven, SwingLink delivers a rate of leverage that changes throughout the lever stroke. The farther you pull along the arc, the more power Maven sends to the pistons. This progressive power delivery offers unrivalled control. As opposed to the binary characteristic of an “on/off” feel.

Measure any brake caliper under power and you’ll find flex. Maven’s four caliper body bolts aren’t just for show. They reduce power loss at the caliper, translating to a solid feel in the lever, befitting its power.

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