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Scott TA12-DM Boost Derailleur Hanger

Scott TA12-DM Boost Derailleur Hanger

Derailleur hanger for Scott alloy swingarms from 2017 with 12x148mm Boost thru-axle and Shimano direct mount derailleurs. A rear Derailleur Hanger is a sacrificial component part of a bicycle, designed to deliberately bend or break in order to limit or prevent damage to the bike frame and the other component parts of its drivetrain.

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Scott TA12-DM Boost Derailleur Hanger


  • Spark 700/900
  • Spark 730/930
  • Spark 745/945
  • Spark 710/910
  • Spark 720/920
  • Spark 740/940
  • Spark 750/950
  • Spark 710 Plus
  • Spark 720 Plus
  • Spark 730 Plus
  • Contessa Spark 700
  • Contessa Spark 710
  • Contessa Spark 720



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