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Tarmac SL8: The World’s Fastest Race Bike

Tarmac SL8: The World’s Fastest Race Bike

25 Aug 2023

Product Features

Introducing the All-New Specialized Tarmac SL8

Nothing is faster than the Specialized Tarmac SL8, with a combination of aerodynamics, lightweight, and ride quality previously thought impossible. After eight generations and over two decades of development, it’s more than the fastest Tarmac ever – it’s the world’s fastest race bike. Your legs up for it?

Aerodynamics + Lightweight + Ride Quality = FAST

16.6 seconds faster over 40km
The most aero road bike Specialized has ever made

685 Gram Frame
Lightest on the World Tour

Ride Quality
33% improved stiffness-to-weight
6% smoother. Goes like hell, rides like heaven

Aero In Everything

Specialized is putting aero where it matters – the leading edge – not just where it looks good. In the process we’ve created our most aerodynamic road bike ever – 16.6 seconds faster over 40km than the Tarmac SL7. Yes, it’s more aero than the Venge. With its new Speed Sniffer nose cone, you could say, it’s got a nose for victory.

One bike to rule them all

Aerodynamics or lightweight alone don’t win races - speed is what matters. Delivering that speed requires creating an uncompromising combination of aerodynamics, lightweight, stiffness, and compliance. Through race simulations using real world data, the Specialized Ride Science team knows the Tarmac SL8 is the fastest race bike ever made on the routes that matter.

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