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Specialized Turbo Levo E mountain bike now at Bike Society

Specialized Turbo Levo, power to ride more trails

Specialized Turbo Levo, power to ride more trails

14 Dec 2017

Product Features

Specialized Turbo Levo is here!

The new Specialized Turbo Levo Carbon FSR is the latest in E-mountain bike technology, providing power to get you around more trails. It isn’t ‘just another bike’ for us. It’s the culmination of years of innovation and pushing boundaries. Even though it has all the industry-leading tech and performance you could ever want, the Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Carbon is bigger than that – it’s an e-mountain bike built for riders, by riders. It’s a ride-ready weapon, a carbon trail bike, just with a little extra ‘oomph’

Improved Handling

Specialized Turbo Levo gives a huge weight saving but also improved rider quality – the frame is 20% stiffer and handles like a dream mountain bike.

Integrated Technology

The new 1.3 motor increases’ pedal-assisted’ power by 15%, is incredibly silent, has smooth power delivery and is more efficient than its predecessor.

Greater Control

The new ‘walk-assist’ feature will help you push the Turbo Levo uphill or upstairs, as well as enable you to easily control the modes: Eco, Trail and Turbo.

Improved Range

New improved Mission Control App connectivity, reduces range anxiety and finely tunes the output of your motor and battery.

At Bike Society we have the Specialized Turbo Levo range and a complete selection of e-mountain bikes and power assisted trail bikes available. Browse our bikes online or come in to a store for a test ride today.

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