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2021 Specialized Diverge Gravel Bike, Bike Society

Escape, with the new 2021 Specialized Diverge

Escape, with the new 2021 Specialized Diverge

08 May 2020

Product Features

The new Diverge is ready for big gravel challenges,  it’s the most capable gravel bike Specialized has ever made.

Diverge is for when you’re tired of the same old rides and busy roads. It for when you want and need an escape. A getaway! It wants more… more speed, more distance, more challenge. And it delivers.

With speed, control, and confidence on any terrain, you can tackle challenging limits like never before.

2021 Diverge is ready to hit the backroads with its Future Shock 2.0 technology, redesigned frame geometry, massive tyre clearance, and an internal SWAT™ frame compartment.

Available now at Bike Society.

New 2021 Specialized Diverge Gravel Range

With a frame that’s under 1000 grams and tyre clearance of 47mm at 700c (2.1″ on 650b), this new gravel machine wants to go fast everywhere. Climb it, race it, or load it down with packs and fenders for the long haul, Diverge does it all, faster and lighter than the rest.

The completely redesigned geometry of the new Specialized Diverge is a modern gravel miracle. The R&D team had to change the way they prototype bikes to harness the magic of the Diverge’s stability, nimbleness, capability, and clearance.

More reach, slacked out, and slammed low, the new Diverge EVO is built to send with the first flat-bar-specific gravel geometry. Partner that geo with a dropper post and new, grippy Rhombus tire, this chuckles chunky terrain.

Future Shock 2.0

Future Shock was made for the cobbles, but it’s the ultimate technology for riding rough road, thick gravel, and chunky dirt. Future Shock 2.0’s adjustable, hydraulically damped travel keeps you in control and on target, all while protecting your hands, arms, and shoulders from the battering.

Re-invented Geometry

What does a gravel rider need? The progressive new geometry gives you confidence to stay off the brakes and enjoy the thrills. A slacker head tube, longer reach and shorter cockpit keeps the Diverge stable for ultimate control in gravel and dirt. The new fork has increased rake and rail to ensure front end stiffness.

Chainstays Reinvented

There’s mega tyre clearance, but without long chainstays or a heavy, vulnerable, dropped-stay design. The drive side chainstay is a narrow, solid beam of carbon between the tyre and chainrings. At 425mm the chainstays keep the wheel tucked under the rider for lively acceleration and nimble handling.

Fatter is More Fun

Nothing unlocks potential like tyre clearance. The new Diverge makes way for 47mm on a 700c wheel and 2.1” on 650B. It’s crazy, but wait until you rip a descent with that much rubber!

2021 Specialized Diverge In Action on the Gravel

Doesn’t matter if you’re Peter Sagan of Bora Hansgrohe or Peta of Flagstaff Hill, this bike will respond the way you want it to. Thrash the Diverge around epic unchartered tracks and find your limits, discover new roads that could lead to no-where, or enjoy a scenic ride through the vineyards… you’ll love what you make the Diverge and where it can take you.

Ride new gravel challenges in Adelaide, South Australia, with the new Specialized Diverge from Bike Society. The 2021 Specialized Diverge is in stores now.

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