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2018 Scott Bikes Now Available in Adelaide at Bike Society

2018 Scott Bikes now available in stores

2018 Scott Bikes now available in stores

28 Dec 2017

Product Features

2018 Scott Bikes are now available in Adelaide at Bike Society stores!

Along with Road, Gravel and Commute models, we have a full selection of the incredible Mountain bikes that have come to dominate the world stage. Here’s a taste of the awesome 2018 Scott Bikes bikes now available in stores.

The Genius is an all mountain trail bike, designed to tackle anything that you throw at it. From steep rocky climbs to fast flowing single track these bikes are versatile enough to do it all, and enjoy it. The 2018 Scott Bikes Genius range is now available in stores.

Spark is designed to win. World Cup’s, World Championships and Olympics prove that. These race driven bikes are technical, lightweight cross-country weapons. The ultimate full suspension companion for your next win is waiting for you. The 2018 Scott Bikes Spark range is available in stores now.