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Nothing is Lighter, Faster, or Better Handling

The new Tarmac is the lightest bike Specialized has ever made and ultimately, delivering on complete performance. Its handling, regardless of size, is flawless, while its aero advantages out do the competition. Get ready to take your riding to a whole new level. 

Specialized prioritises riding experience over anything else. No matter if you are male or female, if you want the best handling and best performing bike then the all-new Tarmac is for you. Specialized now put the way people ride ahead of their gender. However, Specialized know that customisation is key which we achieve through different rider touch points. Appropriately sized handlebars, crankarms and saddles truly make the Tarmac Men’s and Women’s unique.

The frame weight of a 56cm Tarmac is now 733g, which is a 200g weight saving on the previous Tarmac. This weight has been saved through improved carbon technologies, without affecting handling or aerodynamic performance. 

45 seconds to be exact over 40km, compared to other lightweight bikes in the same weight category. How? Through unique tube shaping and the use of Specialized own win tunnel.  

Specialized have developed three individually tuned forks that vary depending on your frame size. Changes to frame shape and carbon engineering means you can now easily climb and confidently attack those descents.

The new Tarmac features our Rider-First Engineered™ carbon construction which gives every rider the same high-performance experience irrespective of their size or gender.

Available from August, secure yours today!

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