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Zipp 353 NSW Tubeless Disc Brake Front Wheel

Zipp’s 353 NSW Tubeless Disc-brake Front Wheel is the pinnacle of their pursuit of versatility and speed. This wheelset fuses Zipp’s two most advanced approaches, Sawtooth™ rim profile and TSE™, for an all-encompassing approach to performance. With its undulating 45-mm deep rim shape, the 353 NSW provides speed on every terrain with best-in-class aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability. The 353 NSW is Zipp’s lightest tubeless wheelset yet, making it a fast-puncher ready to fight its way into the breakaway. Zipp’s use of hookless (straight side) rims in the 353 NSW is integral to achieving their mission of Making You Faster. With hookless, the transition between the tyre and the rim is more seamless and aero. Zipp’s hookless rims have more efficient resin distribution, which means lighter wheels. They also are highly durable. Zipp’s 353 NSW’s Sawtooth™ rim shape with Hyperfoils™ optimises aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability. The Sawtooth™ design also allows the rim to be structurally strong but light. That will help you snap out of corners and maintain that speed no matter the terrain, especially the steep, punchy stuff. The 353 NSW utilises Zipp’s Total System Efficiency™, or TSE™, approach to wheel design: overcoming specific barriers to speed: wind resistance, gravity, rolling resistance, and vibration losses. The wheelset’s 25mm internal width is ideal for running wider tubeless tyres at reduced air pressure for a more efficient ride. At the centre of the 353 NSW is the Cognition V2 Hubset re-engineered with an updated Axial Clutch V2™ mechanism for quicker engagement and lower friction as well as improved durability.

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Product Details

Zipp 353 NSW Tubeless Disc Brake Front Wheel

  • Versatile endurance wheelset for the modern road bike with tubeless and hookless rim profile.
  • Zipp’s lightest tubeless wheelset yet, making it a fast-puncher ready to fight.
  • Optimised tyre bed for easy tyre installation.
  • TSE™ for greater efficiency and reduced rolling resistance.
  • Sawtooth™ rim with Hyperfoil™ nodes and HexFin™ ABLC dimple pattern for top aero and crosswind-stability performance with an undulating rim depth.
  • Cognition V2 hubset rolls efficiently whether you are pedaling or coasting – Its Axial Clutch V2 technology reduces drag and lowers friction.
  • Ships with 12mm front and rear end caps.
  • Center locking rotor interface – Lockring is included with the wheels.
  • Zipp graphics applied using Zipp’s ImPress™ direct-print technology.
  • XDR™ or SRAM/Shimano driver bodies.
  • Campagnolo driver body sold separately.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Size (wheels) – 700c
  • Rim construction – Carbon Hookless
  • Tyre compatibility – Tubeless tyres only
  • Brake compatibility – Disc (Center Lock)
  • Rim inside width – 25mm
  • Rim profile – Symmetrical
  • Rim finish – UD fiber with Impress technology
  • Nipple material – Aluminium
  • Spoke type – CX-Ray Black
  • Spoke count – 24
  • Spoke pattern – 2 Cross
  • Driver body type – n/a
  • Axle type (Wheels) – Front TA 12×100
  • Bearings – Cartridge Stainless Steel
  • Driver Mechanism – n/a
  • Spoke Length – Front 266mm
  • Max outside width – 30mm
  • Weight Based On – Estimated lightest weight for wheelset configuration: 12mm through axles and XDR body. No tape or valve included in weight. Front: 580g Rear: 675g
  • Weight (g)1,255

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