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Tubolight Evo HD Tubeless Tyre Inserts

Studying how pinch flats occur and how tyre inserts interact with the tyre and the rim, Tubolight moved material right where it needs to be, over and outside of the rim bead. Even though the new shape is shallower, the portion over the rim bead is increased by 30% to 60% depending on rim width, and together with an harder compound, rim hits are drastically reduced. The U shape on the top gives room for more air tuning, other than saving weight and thus allowing for an higher density compound. The super tight fitting is retained, because that’s an incredible bonus for added lateral stability and avoid tyre burp.

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Tubolight Evo HD Tubeless Tyre Inserts

The air channel between insert and rim acts like a valve.
During a shock, part of air molecules inside the tyre move from the outer portion of the insert into the channel, causing a difference in pressure. As the insert is very tight on the rim, those molecules get trapped and take a fraction of time longer to re-establish even pressure between the outer and inner portion.
That means, in the real world, rolling resistance and tyre rebound are reduced.
These two features combined give what every rider is looking for: EFFICIENCY.

Downsides? Yes, there are two minor downsides: wether using mousse-specific or standard valves, air release is slightly slower due to the pressure difference between the two portions of the air volume.
At first installation, Tubolight suggest not to put sealant from the valve.

The HD gravity is slightly wider and taller, it features a harder compound, developed to work with stronger casing tyres from 2.35” to 2.80”.
Minimum inner rim width is 26mm, and maximum overall width is 46mm.
90 grams for the 29”.
Best application: trail (rear only), enduro, downhill, e-bike.

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