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Specialized Body Geometry SL Green
Specialized Body Geometry SL Footbeds Blue

Specialized Body Geometry SL Footbeds

Body Geometry Footbeds are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to increase power, endurance, and comfort by optimising hip, knee, and foot alignment. With three different arch support options (Red being the lowest, Blue being in the middle, and Green being tallest), you can be sure that every precious watt is preserved through the pedal stroke.

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Specialized Body Geometry SL Footbeds 

  • Specialized Body Geometry Footbeds measurably increase power, reduce time to exhaustion, and reduce injury by aligning hip, knee, and foot.
  • Customised longitudinal arch and metatarsal support with Red , Blue , or Green contour.
  • Proprietary lightweight foam avoids taking a compression set for long-lasting performance.
  • Combine Body Geometry shoes, footbeds, and wedges to maximise performance benefits.

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