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Wahoo TICKR X Gen2 Multisport Heart Rate Monitor with Motion+Memory

Every effort counts with the TICKR X. Designed to help you get the most out of any workout, the TICKR X tracks heart rate, calories burned, running analytics, and indoor cycling cadence. Equipped with Bluetooth and ANT technology, it connects to your favorite training apps, GPS watches, and bike computers, and now supports up to three simultaneous Bluetooth connections. It’s new design makes it one of the lightest and slimmest heart rate monitors, plus the new integrated heart rate sensor and strap design provide a more secure connection and fit! TICKR X even has 50 hours of onboard memory for heart rate and calorie data, giving you the freedom to train device-free.

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Product Details

Wahoo TICKR X Gen2 Multisport Heart Rate Monitor with Motion Memory Features:

Accurate Heart Rate & Calorie Burn Reach your goals by using accurate heart rate and calorie burn data to optimize efficiency during any activity or workout.

Memory Built-in memory records up to 50 hours of heart rate data, calories burned and workout duration, giving you the freedom to train without a phone.

Motion Analytics ANT Running Dynamics allow you to see vertical oscillation, ground contact time & cadence in real time on your compatible multisport/running watch. With the Wahoo Fitness App, TICKR X can track speed & distance when running indoors in treadmill mode and cadence on a stationary bike in indoor cycling mode.

Running Smoothness With the Wahoo Fitness App, TICKR X measures running dynamics such as cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time. These running dynamics combine to provide a Running Smoothness score that can be used to track your running efficiency and improvements in form.

The Most Connected Easy to see top-mounted LED indicators verify that the TICKR X is connected to a device and reading your heart rate. Equipped with Bluetooth & ANT technology, TICKR X pairs to smartphones, GPS watches and bike computers at the same time or separately.

App Compatibility No matter how you like to train, TICKR X tracks heart rate and calorie burn with over 50 of your favourite training apps.

  • Accurate Heart Rate & Calorie Burn
  • Memory
  • Motion Analytics
  • Running Smoothness
  • The Most Connected
  • App Compatibility
  • Weight: 48g (pod and chest strap)
  • Dimensions: 584 to 1219mm x 5mm x 38mm (l x w x h)
  • Strap Length: 584 to 1219mm
  • Water Rating: ipx7
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Battery Life: up to one year / over 500 hours of workouts
  • Washable: Hand wash only
  • Connectivity: ant , bluetooth (up to 3 bluetooth connections simultaneously)