Product Info

Body Geometry Fit TT is an extensive fit session to completely optimise your position on the bike, including a more aero TT position.

Pre Fit Assessment includes:

Ischial Tuberosity Measurement, Kneeling Forefoot Angulation, Foot Structure, Knee Position, Level Pelvis, Spinal Curve Evaluation, Scapular Position, Forward Spinal Flexion, Cervical Spine, Shoulder Flexion, Foot Rotation, Straight Leg Raise, Hip Flexion, Ankle Flexion, Leg Length Discrepancy, Tibial Tuberosity Comparison, Thomas Test, One-Third Knee Bend

15 Point Fit includes:

Saddle Selection, Neutral Cleat Placement, Leg Extension, Saddle Fore/Aft, Shoulder Width, Reach and Drop, Bar Rotation and Lever Position, Hip Angle, Z-Plane Assessment, Tibial Leg Length Adjustment, Femoral Leg Length Adjustment, Arch Support, Forefoot wedges, Stance Width, Follow-up

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