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veloToze was created by a group of cyclists in Sonoma County, California. They wanted to enjoy their ride in the rain or cold and still end up with warm, dry feet. All other shoe covers in the market at the time were bulky and not truly waterproof. One common "stay dry" tip was to wrap plastic bags around the feet or the shoes. They thought there had to be a better way to stay dry, so they reinvented the shoe covers with totally new material and design. One of the inventors is a medical doctor who uses latex gloves on a daily basis, the question was raised “Why we can’t make shoe covers out of latex rubber so they are really waterproof”? To make this idea work, new material was used and a new process of installing the shoe covers had to be invented. The initial prototype veloToze shoe covers were in natural transparent colour, like medical gloves. Some even called them "shoe condoms"...LOL Since launching their original Tall Shoe Covers and Short Shoe Covers in 2014, veloToze have expanded their product line to include many other innovative products to help cyclists Outsmart The Elements. Four major cycling elements are rain, cold, heat, and wind. They believe in simple yet elegant solutions using innovative materials and designs to provide unique products. Whether it’s race day, training day, or just another day riding to the office, their products will help you ride better and faster.






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