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BETO, founded in Taichung, Taiwan in 1989, has been specialising in manufacturing bike accessories and home fitness equipment. Over the past 30 years, BETO started with bike pumps, and gradually accumulate the profession and the specialty of manufacturing in bike accessories and home fitness production to have the solid skill basis. In addition, with the innovative R&D skill and steady business operating model, BETO has been constantly developing unique and creative products to sell all over the world. BETO`s product R&D and design centre is base in the downtown Taichung City, and the manufacturing phase is based in Wufeng, aiming to build a one-stop production assembly line based on professional labor division and automation. With a pioneering vision, they learn the process of European and American countries, strengthen their internal core capabilities, and take a steady and solid footstep. When facing the global competition, BETO will not only meet the needs of the global market, but also strictly control product quality and eventually provide products that meet international standard and customers` demand.




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